- Shadows and Lies -

“Poetic Noir… Glowingly photographed… Beautifully shot” – Stephen Holden, New York Times

“Visually arresting… narratively taut”

– John Anderson, Variety

“A work of art. The thick, chewy cinematography

is striking.”

– Jason Bailey/Forth Row Center

- Kinyarwanda -

 “The screenplay is filled with moments both charming and horrifying, sometimes all at once… the beautifully shot film is filled with exquisite moments…”

Ernest Hardy/The Village Voice

“I am inspired by Alrick Brown’s Kinyarwanda”

Ted Hope/Producer

“Here is a powerful film.” – Roger Ebert/Chicago Times Tribune

- Elevate -

“The production values are first-rate, including the lensing team led by D.P. Danny Vecchione.”

– John Anderson, Variety

- Allegiance - 

“Both beautifully and grittily shot by cinematographer Daniel Vecchione.”

– Karen Benardello, Yahoo! Voices